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Wind Power Plant

Huayi Wind Energy adhering to the "service, planning and completely owner’s ideas", its wholly owned subsidiary Huashi Energy with professional design ability, excellent project management skills, excellent supply chain security, can provide customers with a set of perfect solutions from the technical preparation, design optimization, equipment procurement, equipment manufacturing to installation, commissioning, operation, quality assurance, etc..

Sales System
Huayi Wind Energy can provide a diversified cooperation model, in addition to the basic product direct sales, provide financial leasing, EPC turnkey project services, furthermore according to customer’s needs to flexibly formulate customized cooperation program.

Huayi Wind Energy has a professional engineering services team, and sets up seven area service centers on a national scale, forming a radiation nationwide service network. At the same time, seven main spare part warehouses guarantee the spare parts supply and reduce downtime hours. Through the cloud platform to accumulate large data and analyze the fault diagnosis cases, providing personalized service solutions, improve the utilization rate and electric energy production in wind energy field.

Full Life-cycle Quality Management System
Huayi Wind Energy adopts the full life-cycle quality control model, strengthens the quality management activities from design & development, production, inspection, sales, use, and gives institutionalization, standardization to the contract process, continuously explore opportunities to improve the properties of the parts and manufacturing process, improve the reliability of the product, to guarantee the stable operation of the unit.