Self Amalgamating Tape

It is a high quality, high specification self-amalgamating/self-fusing tape. Suitable for permanently waterproofing of electrical cables and cable joints. Can also be used for fast, temporary repairs to hoses and water pipes. Completely water and UV resistant. Used to joint and repair a wide range of power and distribution cables up to 46kV. Used for making watertight seals when jointing cables, both above and below ground. Good physical and electrical properties. Excellent self-amalgamation, heat and ageing characteristic.

Technical Data
Property Typical Data Property Typical Data
Hardness 45 (Shoea A) Dielectric constant ε<2.5
Tensile strength 5Mpa Operating temperature -30-70℃
Elongation at break 500% Dielectric strength ≥20KV/mm
Volume resistance 1×1013Ω.cm (conductive) Volume resistance 1×1014Ω.cm (insulation)
Description of goods Type Specification Voltage
Self amalg-amation type J-10 0.85×19×5M 1KV
J-20 0.75×19×9M ≤20KV
J-30 0.75×19×9M 36KV
Semi-conductive tape BDD-20 0.8×19×2M ≤20KV
BDD-50 0.8×24×2.5M 36KV
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